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White Christmas – Instrumental Guitar Arrangement (iSolo Pickup Wireless Mic Review)

“The iSolo Pickup makes performing feel completely natural, giving you that creative freedom and space required to embrace the moment entirely.” Live & acoustic performance of ‘White Christmas’, instrumental arrangement by Nicola Mandorino, performed by Rebecca Cullen. Audio recorded using the iSolo Wireless Pickup and Ableton. Read the full review over at Stereo Stickman.

Family (Sons Of Anarchy) – Noah Gundersen Cover (Live & Acoustic)

First discovered in Sons Of Anarchy. Incredible song from an incredible songwriter, check him out below via Facebook, Twitter & his Website.

The Power Of Listening

All most people really want is to be heard, to be understood, to be appreciated. You get what you give so giving is a pretty great place to start. …

Brand New Song – As You Like – Live & Acoustic Video

Lyrics: Hold on to your gin, Piece together all these dreams that made sense on a whim, We’re all lost in the grid, Showing off the keys knowing they’ll never let us in. And you might die here, that’s alright – many men before you did & they all saw the light, Yeah if you…

Carry On – Official Video

Official music video for ‘Carry On’ from the EP ‘Some Build Castles’. Video directed & produced by Jamie Cadwell & Scott Phillips. …

PODCAST – Stickman Sessions 02: Guitars, Teaching & Music Promo

The best ways to develop guitar skills, to teach, to promote music, whether learning based apps are worthwhile, + more. Liam Taylor is this weeks guest. …

PODCAST – Stickman Sessions 01: Fighting Extremism With Music

This week I hosted the first in a series of Podcasts about all things uniquely creative & musical. Dan Blackwell offers some inspiring words of advice….

Teaching Guitar: The Basics

Getting to a point at which the learning makes sense, is enjoyable & satisfying, is the main thing teachers can strive to help students do. …

A Perpetual State Of Preparation

Despite a lack of performances over the past twelve months, there hasn’t been a day that I haven’t written something – most commonly a snippet of some song idea, an instrumental piece of guitar music (a glorified riff), a poem, or a blog post. I write music reviews and articles daily, but these don’t generally…

The Forever-On-Tour Van: Chapter 5

The drive through Switzerland from West to East, through the alps, through the villages, the valleys, the Valais channels – was absolutely breathtaking….