They walk inside your mind, and shatter your ideas,
Colour your emptiness – blue just like your tears.
Well let’s walk to the shore, and lie down on the sand,
I’ll pull three wishes out – and place them in your hand.

‘Cause I cannot take – another god damn dark day,
Where I wake, to your mad eyes – and all that you can say, is…

‘They keep reading my thoughts – I don’t belong here,
They keep bringing me wishes – and I get them wrong…’

They wait inside your head, and they tell you who you are,
Just to be alone with that – it pushes you so far.
Well if you ever sink too deep – you know that I can dive,
So use your wishes wisely, darling – keep your dreams alive.

– – – – –

It never crossed my mind – to try to make you cry,
I said softly ‘can I kiss you?’, and you said ‘I don’t know, you can try’.
Well I am a lot of things – but I’m not to be feared,
It gives me shivers, darling – when you question that I’m here…