..a record which challenges the listener to think, to take on these feelings and atmospheres created by the music and look inward..Square-Wave
..an EP which demonstrates the level and depth of talent that we have in this country.The Musical Outcast
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..the entire room was gripped by the emotion and feeling coming through with each song..The Cycle Junction, Sandbach
One of the very best leads we’ve had in the months I’ve been coming here.. voice has a crisp, clean quality to it.. distinctive & memorableColin Connolly, Art Bar, Oxford
Excellent – Rebecca’s passionate singing and edgy songwriting have an electrifying touch about them.Len Liechti, Bristol

Born in the fiery depths of an abandoned cave, atop a mountain on the cold dark side of a mysterious planet – Rebecca was raised by growling yet easy going pandas. Over the years the group made their way down the mountain, to eventually come face to face with the modern civilians of this chaotic world we share today. Rebecca cried her eyes out on arrival, then laughed hysterically for about 3 days, before finally falling into a deep and peaceful sleep. It is known that ever since this fateful day; she has been unable to settle in one place for longer than two months. Conversation has been awkward and tedious. Song writing is the only way to communicate. Singing is the only way to stay calm. Playing guitar; is the only way to be amazing at playing guitar (an important quality where these sleepy beasts come from). Loneliness is a great fear – it is strongly suggested that after visiting this website you almost immediately join in with the adventure. Join the group hug. Hear the noise. Feel the love. BAH!.