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Having procrastinated for many years, I tweeted that I would release a brand new song this evening, gave myself the day to record and finish it as best I could…

This is very much out of my comfort zone, which is precisely the point!

The whole thing ends up a little noisy, much like the inside of my mind. Ah well, maybe in time we’ll see some tweaks. I’ll give this another go with another song in a couple of days.

This one’s an oldie, never recorded before…

Without It.

Your love hasn’t been sleeping,
He throws his letters in the fire, and it gets worse,
One of us has been crying, he says
I won’t be asking you for seconds, ’cause I didn’t understand firsts.

All you want is a morning
All you want is a cold heart, wandering off
You should’ve come with a warning
You’re invisible, corrupted, and I can’t be fussed

Where would you be… Without it? (Where would you be…)

He didn’t ask you for advice
Didn’t ask you for anything at all
Saw right through your black eyes, that’s like
Screaming at the team because your name didn’t get called,

All you want is a morning…