I thought it was probably necessary at this point to explain a little about what our current ‘project’ involves.

I’ll try to keep it concise and non-boring, but if you doĀ get bored – just click the video tab, or read some rum-riddled rhymes.. take your mind off it šŸ˜‰

My name’s Bex. I’m a musician – I play guitar, write songs and sing them.Ā I have been performing live for two years now, mostly in and around BristolĀ (although I am actually originally from Manchester, and my first everĀ gig there earlier this year was an epic one at Lock 91)Ā Simultaneously, for the past two years I have been working full timeĀ as a Data Entry Clerk. This meant I was spending 8 hours a day inĀ auto pilot mode, copying information from paper to PC, whilst thinking about music, listening to music, writing lyrics, emailingĀ venues, and basically trying to escape. I finally took the plungeĀ just over a month ago and packed in the day job.

It was a difficult decision, but I had to do it.. I had to. I would rather try now and fail, having had an unforgettableĀ adventure, than never really try.. thus growing old always wondering what might have been.

My partner and I bought a very small, very old (very cheap) flat bottomed
fibre glass boat to live on. We now live here with Bert and Ernie, our Degus.

We bought the boat quite soon after merely discussing the idea; we gotĀ it from a seller on Ebay. Unfortunately, we did get pretty badly swindled – nothing worked.. the engine wouldn’t go into reverse, the taps, the gas, the electrics..

It was all a bit of a shambles.

Anyway, we kept our chins up, and with some amazing support fromĀ family and friends (‘You’re doing the right thing’ was the best sentence in the world) we are finally pretty much ready to set off around the UK. Our aim is to record a 12 track album in the small studio end of the boat.

I have written so many songs over the past twelve months (and religiously rehearsed them), all that is leftĀ to do is record, mix and master them.

The boat’s name is Anna Quay. We’ve written it in pretty lettering becauseĀ I suppose we are not really anarchists, we just like the idea šŸ˜‰ In accordance with this, the album will also be called Anna Quay. I like to think she is something of an alter ego for me.

I have bought a portable amp withĀ my final wage from work, and with this I hope to raise some survivalĀ funds by street performing and gigging in all the places we are able to visit.

This is my attempt at living a dream that has been at the forefront of my mind forĀ longer than I can remember. I know enough musicians now to understand that the mainstream musicĀ ‘industry’ is not the only way to live life as a musician. I cannotĀ really live life not as a musician, so if I can only keep getting better, keep getting something out of it, keep being creative..Ā perhaps I can make enough of a living out of it to maintain this way of life.

Boat life is just about the cheapest and easiest existence we couldĀ think of to support surviving in such a way.

My main comfort thought at the moment, is that if it doesn’t work out.. at least I have tried. I hope, for the most part, people who encounter us on this journey.. enjoy what they hear, or what they read, and maybe they too can get something out of the music. It means the world to me any time someone compliments my performance, the songs, or the writing, and even in this short time we have met some fantastic people who are fully supportive of following dreams and ambitions.

If you would like to follow us on this journey, we welcome you with open arms šŸ™‚ You can ‘like’ the Facebook page and follow me on Twitter for daily updates, and you can sign up to the Newsletter to get regular emails whenever I complete a ‘proper’ Blog.

Anyway, that’s enough rambling for now. Thank you so much for your support, and please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

Big Love.

Bex xxx