So I left work.. drank lots of lager, gave lots of hugs.. (got lots of hugs).. Things were good! Saturday morning I won a tenner on a scratch card.. JOY!! 🙂 We went to Cardiff to celebrate Mum’s birthday with everyone. Mum had spent the past few weeks sewing us some brand new curtains for the boat (the original ones were gross – in design, in spiders-web-filled-ness, and in man-that’s-some-hangin’-mould-ness.) Unfortunately, on top of the added expenses in making the boat actually ‘work’, the curtain measurements we had sent were half the size they needed to be. The new curtains look like this.. 

The view from outside is actually ‘just above’ crotch height, so.. at least there’s that.

It doesn’t matter whose fault it was that the measurements were wrong. *Cough* Not mine. *Cough*. Mum is kindly making us some new ones, because she is awesome . I have measured the windows in their entirety now, and emailed her the details in ‘Cullen Speak’, so everyone knows the deal.

About those added expenses. (Not that money is relevant, or real, but just so you know) The bellend who sold us the boat is nothing more than exactly this. A bellend. Nothing works on the boat – the plumbing, many of the electrics/ lights, the engine (it won’t go into reverse – he actually crashed it in front of us because of this when he dropped it off (reverse = BRAKES) He said nothing of it at the time (we thought he was just a shit driver) ). Big up to the use of double brackets by the way. Keeping literacy fans on their toes. 

Regardless of all of this – the boat is OUR boat and it’s cosy and lovely and it FLOATS and it’s BLUE and WHITE and we bought a RED lamp for the inside and we slept as sound as two bugs in a cruise rug 🙂 The positive is also that atleast now everything on the boat will be new – we know where we are with it all, and we know how everything works. Yesterday we drilled a new lock onto the front door. From this I have learned that drills are awesome, but screws are stupid. Stupid screws.

Tomorrow we will go to the boat again and the lovely engineer man will check the ‘gas’ to see if it works. (Gas is in quote marks because I don’t know what checking the gas means – I assume it’s not a scratch-and-sniff scenario, as one (me) might expect.) Then we can pursue contacting Ebay/ Paypal to see if we can get some of our money back for the boat, which was listed as being in ‘full working order’. Adam phoned the seller up to ask for a grand back – this is what we will eventually have spent fixing all the botched bollaxy bits he left us with. He was having none of it, but we will sort it.. You can’t do that to people..!

ANYWAY – Anna Quay is on the verge of being epic. We are excited; the lifestyle is looking more and more appealing every time we visit the waterways – the smiley laid back people aboard their random looking, strangely named vessels look happy as can be. I’m currently waiting for my new portable amp to arrive so I can begin practicing for my new street performing endeavour. (Yes.. It is street performing from now on.. not busking. No particular reason.) And..  Splash.

I can tell from week one this is going to be an unforgettable experience and journey for us. I’m excited, I’m nervous, I’m optimistic.. and I wouldn’t trade it in for the world. I hope you enjoy the posts.. please contact me, all the time, so I don’t freak out. Thanks 🙂

Oh, just to give you a better idea of boat life.. Here we are enjoying the fresh air of our new surroundings.

Love xxx