Since the return to office clothes and daytimes spent copying data from paper to PC – I’ve had less time to finish new material. Have instead been listening and reading and thinking (far too much) I sent my covers to Portishead and Micah P Hinson. I haven’t heard back yet, but.. I’m pretty flexible if they suddenly need a support act. (Just putting it out there). Day two of guitar browsing, should be fun. Took all the strings off my other one last night and did not replace due to rabbit-sitting for a friend. Possibly the most lovely rabbit I’ve met. Should be a nice week.

Oh – have not slept a wink all night due to said rabbit making quite a bit of noise. My head is in that foggy place between awake and asleep. The quality and/or nonsense of posts this week may vary from.. quality, to.. nonsense. Don’t worry – everything will be ok.