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Wake up in a new place every day – I am already so very in love with this lifestyle. We went back to Manchester, caught up with Ad’s parents and fitted the sink (a wise decision) then we found out my new niece was on her way into the world, so we spent the night driving down to Coychurch, South Wales. This was the van’s longest journey in a single day so far; at 50mph it was about six hours, with three stops for snacks and other bodily needs. Not to brag, but I drove the entire stretch (as it was night time, and my idea) but to be fair, Adam stayed awake the whole time.

Well worth the trip, a beautiful new baby girl in the family, and we got to hang around in South Wales for the week with everyone and enjoy the fun and the beautiful beaches. We had plans to meet someone in Salisbury within a few days so eventually we set off for that, spent a night in Portishead atop a cliff with yet another stunning view of the ocean and beyond. The next night we spent in Bath, had some drinks at The Pig & Fiddle where I used to work, slept in a nearby car park (not as scenic). The next night after that we stayed in another beautiful forest in Longleat, near the safari park, and it was completely isolated and lovely to wake up to. Pat enjoyed her breakfast alfresco here as seen in the featured photo. We’ve been enjoying some of the weird and wonderful trees the UK has to offer. Turns out I love to wake up and climb trees. It’s been so long, but it makes you feel so involved – so properly connected with the world that made us. And forests smell fantastic, that new forest smell you buy for your car was invented for a reason, and it doesn’t compare (we’ve tried one) I recommend a double dose of proper forests this week or weekend to re-energize and rejuvenate. FRESH.


Side note, when I say ‘the next night’ I’m not really certain that these days link up as such. We’ve been blessed with glorious weather these past few weeks and the scenery and the walks and the places we’ve woken up to have been pretty incredible. The days all blend into one another, yet there’s this consistent thread of excitement and newness. I am genuinely enjoying everything at the moment, and at the same time, I’m so very eager and enthusiastic about heading over to mainland Europe – to explore some of the landscapes and towns beyond our regular doorstep. We’ve been busy, but calm, and content. Hoping to keep a hold of this balance.

We’ve seen some awesome live music recently, plus some beautiful forests, hills, snowy mountains even, and plenty of pretty much every kind of dog being walked. I’ve also reveled in the opportunity to get my roller blades out, though we haven’t delved back into slack lining just yet. Staying in one fixed place for a few hours is probably quite daunting to the soul after so much mobile freedom.. Or, we haven’t noticed a good looking pair of trees to hook it up to, but that’s a poor excuse. Anyway, we bought a football today, it’s yellow, so less likely to lose it in the abyss of nature’s brightness, and we’re currently parked close to Stonehenge. Adam was pretty chuffed to finally see the stones in real life. He’s been pretty chuffed with life in general lately, which is definitely one of the best things about this whole adventure.


What else.. Everything is good, working lots but at different times during each day, depending on deadlines, inspiration, etc. Getting gallons of fresh air, exercise, laughs, stories, nice food, warmth, freedom.. We’re booking the ferry over to Holland for the end of April so plenty of time to catch up and say temporary goodbyes. Weekend after next is a cottagey camping celebration, on Anglesey – my first and most influential favourite place from growing up. I’m writing a series of short stories at the moment, which I haven’t done since university (the first one) There’s so much creative freedom with fiction.. Strange that I left it so long. Also the classic several song melodies and sections per day, I think these will come out soon, forest recording sessions are calling to me. We bought (working) speakers for the van and threw away the old, chewed, gross, pointless ones, so now we have music as we drive. There’s so much space up in the cabin I feel like a tractor tank goddess of some sort when I drive. It’s awesome. The world looks good from here. Lots of practice in making sure to enjoy the ups and not to dwell on the downs.

They say we should make the most of our time on Earth. They have a point!

I hope you’re well and happy as you read this. And a super thank you for reading this.

Big love and hugs.

Bex xx

Rebecca Cullen, Some Build Castles, Manchester Music, TripHop, Folk, Soul, Music Blog,

Rebecca Cullen, Some Build Castles, Manchester Music, TripHop, Folk, Soul, Music Blog,