I left it too long – the Blog is desperately trying to be four thousand pages long. Fear not! I’ve shunned it with Tesco’s own version of Baileys (which is not, to my disappointment, called ‘Booleys’ 🙁 ) I’ll start by saying I hope everyone is well and happy, enjoying winter and not letting it get them down.. If we stick together, we’ll be alright! It’s the only way.

On the 24th of November we played a set at The Louisiana in Bristol. It was a packed room of around 80 people. We opened the show.. everyone seemed to listen and enjoy. It was a fantastic night of live music, my friends all played a set too.. Check them out Tom Scriven, Sadie Fleming, Lindsay Bullamore. Support local and unsigned music all way – keep it alive, man!

It was our first outing as a duo (Adam played cajon – acoustic drum). He was amazing. We had a great time. The crowd seemed to like it,  said some lovely things afterwards. We’ve been asked back so the next show there is Sunday 23rd February.. You should definitely try to come along to this one!

Yesterday I made 8 quid busking for an hour. Today was about the same, so we are somewhat abysmally skint for the time being, but.. after a challenging week last week.. things actually feel like they’re going in a good direction.  A woman approached me today to ask me to play as the entertainment for the launch of late night shopping and Christmas markets Thursday evening in Newbury. She said 55,000 leaflets had been posted out so it should be a great opportunity. So far we have jammed two Christmas songs together instrumentally with guitar and accordion. It is the most fun I have ever had musically, and I don’t have to worry about singing. Score! So.. If you’re near Newbury.. Come check us out this Thursday evening. There will be mulled wine, market stalls, donkeys.. maybe some more fake snow (this made me so happy.. Santa arrived on Saturday and it felt like we were at the North Pole. Far too many kids though.. Kids on their parents shoulders.. It’s just so unfair when I’m trying to see Santa.) Anyway, I expect Thursday will be a good day.. we will try to make some exciting things happen between now and then to keep our minds balanced. This will mainly be.. buying 49p pies from Morrisons, just before they close. They love us in there. (Love = Know us quite well and tolerate us.)

This is our last week in Newbury for a while.. we are hibernating, like the wolves we are. Off home to Manchester.. to stay in a house with electricity, and running water, and heating, and a kettle, and a toaster, and a bath. It’s going to be horrible.

We are recording the album during the daytimes at my Mum’s house. She may or may not provide backing vocals, we haven’t really discussed it yet. I think this would be awesome. I’m pretty sure atleast one of my sisters is up for that.. Might make it a family extravaganza..

What else have I been chewing on..

On the 29th of December, as a post Christmas pre-new year celebration, Adam and I are playing a ‘headline show’ at The Black Book Cafe in Stroud. Please do come along if you can, we are really looking forward to it and will be totally hyped up on eggnog.

If I don’t blog again for a while it’s probably because I’ve been overdoing it on the slightly shorter Facebook posts and tweets. Don’t forget to ‘like’ the page if you haven’t yet.

Have an amazing Christmas and New Year..! Don’t worry too much.. be good to each other.. and.. listen to all the music the world has to offer! (I rediscovered the book ‘1001 albums to hear before you die’)

Oh yeah.. watch out for our live videos we will be posting in the next few weeks! 🙂

Thanks Guys

Bex x x x