I have done with the day job! It ended on Friday, albeit with a pretty emotional goodbye to a great group of people. (We will keep in touch. I will make sure of it.)

No longer being employed.. I think it has started to sink in.. I realised I do not have to work out when in the week I can be creative; I just CAN be, whenever I must..? I do not have to be sat at a desk for eight hours a day. I do not have to be told what to do and when. I suddenly am just.. myself. I feel a good 40% more relaxed than I’ve been in a long time.

I received my last full (ish) wage and purchased a top notch, sick-as -you -like, portable amplifier – so that I can busk with volume, and oomf. This is my job from now on. (It’s not a job.. It’s my life.) I don’t need money so much as I need fulfilment, and opportunity.. to learn, inspire, be inspired.

The boat is ready for us (as much as it ever will be at this stage) By next weekend we will be living entirely aboard Anna Quay.. the opportunity maker.. The small, floating, caravan-like vessel; within which we will play, create, record, learn, and live. For as long as we allow.

Unfortunately though, I had itchy eyes about an hour ago, and I rubbed them too much – my left eye is now very sore, and very red. I’ve put my panda onesie on to cheer myself up. I’m also whistling chit-chat with the degus as I type. From what I can tell; Bert and Ernie look super excited about boat life too.

Here it goes..!