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It’s been a few months since I¬†wrote here, which is bizarre.. I feel like I barely blinked and the time was gone, Summer came and went, as did Oxford, as did our current experience of living on the water. I’m left a little tired and overwhelmed.. I’m left with a racing heart, a foggy head, achey muscles, knotted hair, and a happy heart.

Yesterday we said goodbye to our beloved boat and home – Heaven Lea / Anna Quay / Ramconstok.. Rosie and Jim (AKA Mouldy and Grim, as they had unwittingly become throughout the wear and tear of 18 very British months.) It’s been an incredible adventure that will not be quickly forgotten, but times change.. or.. it is most definitely; time for a change.

Oxford was incredible. Was it really just three months?! I had the privilege of working in the best pub in the city, the only city-centre pub that managed to maintain the warm feeling of being your local; with some of the best people ever. I also played some unforgettable gigs, to some wonderful crowds, and met some wicked musicians. (For my final gig though, last week at The Angel and Greyhound, I actually had to wipe mould off my guitar case, and then when I opened it – I had to do the same to the actual guitar. Luckily it still sounded ok at the venue.*)

It’s the end of a chapter for us (the end of an era, you might say, if it hadn’t have flown by so damn fast). I’m not entirely sure what’s next, but it’s exciting, and not remotely scary (An unusual result for me in times of sudden change) Some things I do know are that it feels wonderful to have running water, hot showers, a couch to sit on, a FRIDGE, (with yogurts and crumpets and beers inside), electricity 24/7 (not that I need this much, but it’s nice to have the option after 9:30pm*) Furthermore.. (infact, the very best thing I know right now) I have a super sexy brand new guitar and hard case – which is making me act very much like a child walking into the living room on Christmas morning. Constantly. Like every five minutes, when I see it over there, in it’s sexy case, and then play it, and it sounds wonderful, and then PLUG IT IN, and it sounds even WONDERFULLER (?!) (Did that whole sentence sound a bit inappropriate?) Anyway, here it is..



I found this after an hours play on several, at a shop in Oxford. I finally bought it (a different one, obvs.. equally wonderful..) from the shop of the same name in Manchester. (Then we went to the Christmas Markets and drank mulled wine, because f*** yeah.)

We have a pretty solid plan for the next twelve months, and by ‘solid’ I of course mean ‘loose’, like Santa’s belt after four hours trying to wriggle free from a narrow chimney. (No wait.. like his belt just before December. Pre mince pie.) And by ‘plan’ I of course mean ‘fluffy cloud dream’. The main thing is – all that music I’ve been promising you for the past year – it’s almost here. And my gosh there’s alot of it. Must use sparingly, and responsibly. Must not shake the can up and then immediately pull the ring. Must not.. something, something..

I will be back, I’m sure, very soon.. with some more thought blobbles. Meanwhile, thank you so much to everyone we’ve met over the past year and half, everyone who has been so wonderful, so real, so honest and so trustworthy; you’ve massively reinforced my faith in a good humanity. Also any of you who came to a gig, listened to the music, shared it, commented on it.. Thank you !! See you all soon.

Much Love.

Bex xx

*Mould is not the same as dust. (Dust is fluffy and grey, mould is gross and.. not grey but i’m not really sure what colour it is. It’s slimey though. Blurgh.) I played the shit out of that guitar. A days worth of condensation and damp is enough to make a mini universe in the front of your boat.

*Boat uses engine to make power. Inverter beeps when boat needs engine on. Engine can’t go on after 8pm as it might disturb people. Inverter beeps after an hour and a half of power usage = lights out !




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