Time to move out and move on and see what happens..

This is the longest I have lived in a house that wasn’t my Mums. Three years (pretty much) at Manor Rd. Four weeks now to minimalise the amount of ‘stuff’ I have. Turns out I don’t actually have that much stuff. I have alot of crap, but.. I can quite effectively distinguish between ‘stuff’ and ‘crap’ nowadays, so it shouldn’t be too much of a job.

I will keep the following..

Some clothes, Robo the crazy hamster, my guitar, my laptop, my bike.. My impulsive head and my optimistic heart.

Change is Good. (Unless you’re on a rollercoaster. Keep them pockets zipped.)

I’m pretty sure every song I’ve written seems to come true at some point afterwards. This is not a scary time it’s exciting as hell. “The outside is bright and full of life..” The cage is beautiful only from an introverted, somewhat obsessive perspective. I’m not there anymore and it feels pretty fucking awesome; have to just go with it, love it while it lasts. I like having songs I’ve written as markers of how I felt in the past.. it helps me to grow. Onwards and upwards.