So we moved into the boat this weekend, got the taps working, got the engine started, had a few dramas but fixed them right up with, mostly, lots of laughs. We got a local duck to take a picture of us for you.

The fridge is not yet in working order, so – being the smart arse that I am – I built a home made fridge by hanging two bottles of cider off the side of the boat in an empty ‘cooked chicken’ bag by some mini-bunjees, and left it for a few hours. Unfortunately, when I reached down later to grab the bag, it snapped, and our ciders met the bottom of the marina. On the plus side, the water is only aboat a foot deep, but it was dark by this point so we had to wait till morning to fish them out. Luckily we had a few other ciders that were much less cold but much more available.

From now on the dolls will represent myself and Adam more often than we will. They will be used, for example, to act out awkward conversations, such as; ‘who hung the cider out in a poxy chicken bag’, ‘who put the tarpaulin gromits on the wrong way round’, and other classics. Sorry Jim, said Rosie. Sorry too, said Jim. And all was well again in the land of BoatfaceMcCrazyPants.

We will also use the dolls to send you pictures of ourselves if we haven’t yet smartened our appearances up that day.. which.. let’s be honest.. we won’t have.

For now I am back in Bristol; cleaning and emptying the house for the last time before we leave this city (weep) somewhat long term. (By cleaning and emptying the house, I obviously mean that I am playing guitar and writing my blog, whilst Adam plays poker. (Don’t worry, we both have a cup of tea)).

I’ll keep it short for now as there’s a film on aboat dinosaurs. (Throughout my writing, I do mean to write ‘about’, but.. come on now.. ‘aboat’ is so much more relevant.) πŸ˜›

Music news:Β The new album has 12 songs, and it will be called ‘Anna Quay’. The songs are written, rehearsed.. the rest is a project for the coming months. Meanwhile, this is where we live, sing, record, and bake our many pies (or.. something about fingers..) We are already mental so don’t worry about that.

I’m excited about the music. I’m excited about actually having time for it now, and I can’t wait to see what we create..

Big love to you if you’re reading this. Hope you’ve had a fun weekend. Be Happy Sailor!! xx