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Recording in the small confines of the boat seems like it should be more difficult than it is; you can hardly turn around without knocking something over, and then there’s the rocking caused by passing boats, the rain on the roof. etc. But it’s just been.. brilliant. We’re moored out in the sticks where it’s quiet, and the weather has been immense, which means no rain. No room is no problem, the way it’s sounding is so much more exciting than I had imagined, so my enthusiasm wins every time. It’s not for anyone to use for anything, or for anyone in particular to even take to, so the freedom of creating it all has meant the sounds that have come out and the parts we have added, are completely brand new, completely experimental.. completely expressive of exactly what this music means to me, right now.

There are six songs on the first EP, and it’s title is ‘Anyway..’

I find it hard to take in the opinions of so many people, and the events of so many parts of the world; as is the way of modern internet life. The distractions we are fed to take our minds away from things that are so beyond messed up, makes it hard to stay calm sometimes. People seem to touch briefly on serious issues, share a petition, voice their opinion, then almost with nothing but an outward breath, an ‘anyway’, they revert back to talking about.. fuck knows.. celebrity weddings.. football.. festivals..

I know we all just want to get on with our lives, but it seems like this whole ‘somebody should do something’ thing has just gone on and on over time.. you’re somebody.. I’m somebody.. should we, maybe, do something? And then where do you start? Anyway..

I have to take time away from the internet and the vast ocean of facts.. and opinions.. that live there. My head can’t take it, my own existence baffles me enough most of the time. Everybody else, one by one, filtering in.. fear.. fighting.. famine, bombs, riches, poverty, sport, music, cooking, vegetarianism, protests, rights, flights, sleepless nights, farmers, soldiers, speakers, politicians, comedians, votes, housing, jobs, gigs, guitars, illness, anger, energy levels, weight, fashion, acting, asking, risking, waiting..

Find a happy place. And then..

We are making just one video for now to go with a song called ‘The Nile’.  I live on a river so I wrote a song about a river. (Three, actually, but one was years ago and merely a coincidence.) Av some o’ that.

We’re recording another EP at the same time, which is called ‘Traffic’. It didn’t feel like the songs were from the same place, or with the same feeling, as those from ‘Anyway’, so it just couldn’t be made into one album. They feel like two different sides of my mind. The tracks on this second one are.. kind of upbeat, positive, noisey, catchy.. probably. They’ll both be finished and out over the summer. I hope you find something in either, or in both, that you can connect with.

I’ll be back soon, I need to focus my eyes on something far away. Thanks as always for your time.

Bex x