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Carry On – Official Video

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Official music video for ‘Carry On’ from the EP ‘Some Build Castles’. Video directed & produced by Jamie Cadwell & Scott Phillips. …

PODCAST – Stickman Sessions 02: Guitars, Teaching & Music Promo

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The best ways to develop guitar skills, to teach, to promote music, whether learning based apps are worthwhile, + more. Liam Taylor is this weeks guest. …

PODCAST – Stickman Sessions 01: Fighting Extremism With Music

Dan Blackwell, 4bar Collective, Fighting Extremism With Music, Stereo Stickman, Stickman Sessions, Podcast, Creativity, Music, Indie, Independent Music, Independent Podcast, In Depth Discussion, Women's Rights, Equality, Afghanistan, All Female Orchestra, Zohra,

This week I hosted the first in a series of Podcasts about all things uniquely creative & musical. Dan Blackwell offers some inspiring words of advice….

Teaching Guitar: The Basics

Teaching Guitar, The Basics, Learning Guitar, Teaching Guitar To Children, Teaching Guitar To Kids, Guitar For Beginners,

Getting to a point at which the learning makes sense, is enjoyable & satisfying, is the main thing teachers can strive to help students do. …

A Perpetual State Of Preparation

Rebecca Cullen, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Pembrokeshire, UK Music, MA Songwriting,

Despite a lack of performances over the past twelve months, there hasn’t been a day that I haven’t written something – most commonly a snippet of some song idea, an instrumental piece of guitar music (a glorified riff), a poem, or a blog post. I write music reviews and articles daily, but these don’t generally…

The Forever-On-Tour Van: Chapter 5

Van Life, Living in a van, Travelling Europe in a van, LDV conversion, Van Life Germany, Switzerland, Austria,

The drive through Switzerland from West to East, through the alps, through the villages, the valleys, the Valais channels – was absolutely breathtaking….

The Forever-On-Tour Van: Chapter 4

Musician, MA Songwriting, Songwriter, Guitar Teacher UK, Pembrokeshire Musician, Singer Songwriter,

The Netherlands, Germany & France.. We’ve been travelling for over three months and I haven’t really ‘documented’ any of it. Mainly because I only usually write when I’m feeling down; sad, reflective, deep in thought. I’m not feeling like that at all right now, in fact it’s been one of the most amazing summers of…

The Forever-On-Tour Van – Chapter 3

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Once we’d gotten over the initial excitement of being able to live wherever we want.. No, scrap that.. Once we’d learnt to more effectively hide our excitement about being able to live wherever we want, we dug deeper into the world of work and are now back on the unstoppable conveyor belt of self employment….

The Forever-On-Tour Van – Chapter 2

Rebecca Cullen, Some Build Castles, Manchester Music, TripHop, Folk, Soul, Music Blog,

Wake up in a new place every day – I am already so very in love with this lifestyle. We went back to Manchester, caught up with Ad’s parents and fitted the sink (a wise decision) then we found out my new niece was on her way into the world, so we spent the night…

The Forever-On-Tour Van – Chapter 1

Rebecca Cullen Music, Some Build Castles, Acoustic, Folk Soul, Trip-Hop, Manchester Music,

Not really knowing how many days it’s been since we set off, or whether that lovely┬áthing that happened was today, or three days ago – this is the feeling of just living, I suppose. I’ve missed it! We set off in the van to try out the lifestyle and work out whether certain things needed…